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About Us

About Us

Vruddhi Mart eCommerce Pvt Ltd - is the start-up eCommerce company, focusing on all household customers to fulfilling their needs by providing them value-added services like; credit points, gift points on the return of credit points, and home delivery points on small/big household orders of our regular customers. It's the innovative D2C open platform of India,  where every customer is registered free of cost with minimum details to get their own digital VRUDDHI wallet, loyality Credit points on purchases / on the special occasion and other benefits also, for life long.

Vruddhi Mart is a customer-centric consumer digitalization company,  creating a new opportunity for every customer, where customer's daily essential transaction benefits are accumulated and supported as per their future demands to fulfill the daily needs. Vruddhi Mart regular customers can avail the facility of, cashless purchase /  without cash / zero cash with the help of credit points.

Vruddhi Mart customer can return the same used customer credit points, via pay later with in 30 days of use to Vruddhi Mart without any interests or charges, to re-enjoy the same benefits in the future again and again.

Vruddhi Mart is trying to create new work and business opportunities for all local PINCODE vendors, delivery boys, entrepreneurs, as well as job seekers by assigning them in their new business role to serve their local area customers on time through VRUDDHIMART D2C Platform. Vruddhi Mart is always trying to stop all kind of black marketing of products, in every area by showing products online. With the help of local Area Admins, Delivery  Boys, Product Vendors, Vruddhi Mart is going to create new empowerment in every area / pincode by supporting Atmanirbhar Bharat mission of GOI. In the short future, Vruddhi Mart is focusing to empower women candidates in their village/home by providing them different different daily needed works to increase the infra of MSME with the guidelines of GOO & GOI.

Vruddhi Mart will try to help local farmers to market their farm-fresh products through the D2C VRUDDHIMART.COM platform to all customers of PINCODE.



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Corporate Office :

Vruddhi Mart eCommerce Pvt Ltd
Kokila Vihar Lane 1 Pokhariput Bhubaneswar District - Khordha ODISHA 751020

Registered Office :

Vruddhi Mart eCommerce Pvt Ltd
Kokila Vihar Lane 1 Pokhariput Bhubaneswar District - Khordha ODISHA 751020



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